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So, I think there was a mistaken measure either going out or putting in, and I think it was on the way out. When we launched Natural High on Friday, we were specific about measuring the weight. The crane operator (and owner) said that the load cell was accurate to within 100 lbs or so. He measured 6500 lbs without the rig, so that is right on the claimed as sailed weight of 6700. We were all very, very surprised.

Either the first operator accidentally carried a 1 when comparing to the tare, or somehow she lost 1000-1400 lbs of moisture in 2.5 months in the shop. I favour the former. She is sitting a bit higher on the waterline, but not that much I don't think. She always sat shallower than her established waterline before.

Schnick will be interested that Willow (Ranger 29) followed at 7400 lbs with the rig on the deck and still lots of knick-knacks on board so not too chronically overweight.
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