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Straits on the old Killer Bee, now the Diva: Forgot dinner food in the fridge in Squamish, survived on Clif bars the whole way around.

First Straits on the M32: Poolie got one of his restaurant owning buddies to do the food, consisting of pasta and some sort of topping can't remember. The pasta was precooked and he was instructed to pour hot water over it through a colander to warm it up.
Being a Melges 32 we did this in the cockpit.
Being Italian the cook had coated the pasta with Olive oil.
17 knots or so Downwind in the dark, minimal nonskid to begin with, olive oil all through the cockpit, then I think we added an ovelapped rounding of Halibut bank with Radical Departure onto that combination. Pretty exciting.

On Schock 35 Schock Therapy, Swiftsure race: Owner disappeared after start, operated his bong for an hour, passed out for rest of day. Got up before dark, steered for a bit, went downstairs, bong, sleep again. Me and one other guy aside from the owner had raced a boat before, the rest of the crew were press ganged from this guys' company and were visiting from South Carolina to boot, they were not much use in the dark and cold in Juan de Fuca. Fack.

Swiftsure on TP 52 Mayhem, just before dark, round the lightship, owner proceeds to have a heart attack, unload him on the Coast Guard near Neah Bay, this story has all been told before. Still had to sail home through the night, no longer racing, everyone in a pretty awful state of mind.

Southern Straits on Karma with CK, and Vaca Loca passed us - by far the worst of any of these!
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