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Originally Posted by Blackice View Post
- Breaking the Boom on Dauntless before we even made Race Rocks. ( shortest Swiftsure ever ! About 3 hrs )
I think it was the same year, first time at Swiftsure, first time for my Dad's Aphrodite 101, boat performed well but we got soaked, cold and generally uncomfortable during the beat upwind, with the submarine-type-bow of the 101 going under every other breaker for 12 hours straight.

On the downwind, about 2:00 AM in 20+ knots of breeze and driving rain, I was sleeping and called onto deck ASAP. In my foggy mind, I didn't even think to get dressed. The spin halyard clasp had let go, and my brother was going up the mast. I found myself, wearing tshirt and underwear, standing in the companionway, winching him up the mast. As my brain began to wake up I realized it was pretty dumb for me to be in this condition. Couldn't exactly leave him half way up, banging against the mast, though. We got the halyard back and eventually got the kite up again.
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