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And... Camping is now confirmed!

Racers, camping has been confirmed at the Navy base again for this year. The Navy is requiring, however, that all who camp on base property fill out a simple Hold Harmless form (stating that you won't sue if you hurt yourself on Navy property) and this form just asks for your signature and date. So, here's the official WIRW camping plan: the base is available to us July 17-25. All those who wish to camp can reserve a space by sending an e-mail with the dates you're requesting, whether you'll be in a tent or RV, and the best phone number to reach you. When you arrive at WIRW, please check in at registration to fill out your Hold Harmless form and receive a WIRW Camper's Pass for the Navy base. The costs to provide camping on the Navy base (permit, water, trash, portable restrooms, handwashing stations) is approx $3000. So we'll be asking campers to pitch in what they can to help us offset these costs so we can continue to coordinate a convenient camping arrangement for everyone. Any $ collected beyond the expenses will be donated to Oak Harbor Youth Sailing. Navy base camping reservations: Please help us spread the word by sharing this post. See you at WIRW!
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