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Default Dash 34 Crew Needed for SOAR

Optical Illusion is taking a trip down memory lane and doing SOAR this year. Looking for a couple of extra bodies to fill out the crew list.

The bottom is in good shape and we have a reasonable main, good kites and a very good #2 headsail. But, before you commit, know that:
1) This is a bit of a low budget campaign and a few of the sails are a little tired. The mylar/kevlar blade, which is likely to get used in SOAR, is pretty marginal. We have a spare dacron one if it blows up.
2) Some of the rigging got off the bus in 1985 and didn't get back on again. Think wire to rope halyards. Sorry, last time I had the rig out I was under time pressure and didn't have time to change the sheaves so I could switch to rope halyards.
3) This is a non-turbo Dash, but gets a rating in BC like it is a turbo. We'll have to sail really well to win. I like that challenge.

If interested, pm or use to get in contact.

Tim D.
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