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Summer Solstice Post Mortem:

I did the Sangster Island race this past weekend. I had a great time racing against Absolute Kaos, Radient and Planet Claire and all the others that started (all 8 of us). I enjoyed the format (as I knew I would because my own club had hosted a similar race on the same date for two years prior).

So thank you to the RVYC RC for putting on the race.

Sadly, my own club's Summer Solstice race was canceled and changed into something else.

I"d also like to say that each and every person on this thread that argued with me, that protested that I was not seeing things in the right way, or suggested that I was not being cooperative because I didn't go and talk to the people that were rolling over an already established race,.....those people did NOT SHOW UP AND RACE.

So much for all the hot air blowing from the south shore of English Bay.
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