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Old 08-01-2017
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Default Kayak racks

I noticed a growing trend while out cruising this summer, with more and more sailboats (and increasingly smaller ones at that) carrying their kayaks outside the lifelines on bow racks.

I can understand the convenience of keeping your foredeck clear, but they sure look vulnerable up there to me.

I suppose if you always stay at dock/anchored when the wind is blowing over 15 knots then the racks might work okay, but I reckon the kayaks would take a righteous pounding if you tried beating up the strait to Desolation Sound in a 25-knot northwesterly. I'd wager you'd lose the racks, the kayaks, or both before you got there.

Anyone ever used these while beating to weather in choppy water?
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Old 08-03-2017
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Default Beat to weather while cruising?

Cruisers don't beat. Just like mountain bikers don't ride uphill.
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Old 08-31-2017
LilaTardis LilaTardis is offline
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Yeah have seen them used in all conditions. Obviously with extra bungees in an upwind heavy beat, but they are usually just high enough to not be a problem in a larger heavy keeled boat. It's as secure as on the deck really.
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Old 09-05-2017
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Default kayaks

I have an inflatable double kayak that I keep inflated on the deck once I get to the gulf islands. Last week when I was at Thetis I was deflating the kayak in preparation for our Straight crossing. The guy in the sailboat next to me struck up a conversation and told me it is not a good idea to keep a kayak on the deck. He told me his friend had kayaks on racks outside the rails and did a Straight crossing and smashed one of the kayaks. I asked him for details and he did not really know but he thought the kayak got filled with water then got smashed by a wave. It still does not sound right because a kayak on its side will not hold that much water.
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