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Old 08-08-2013
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I first met Ian at Cow Bay, sailing with him on the original Manana. I most remember sitting at breakfast while he told tales of growing up in Nova Scotia. He had a lot of tales to tell that day and over the years. And he was a great story-teller.

Ian was also a great rigger. He helped with so many boats that I sailed on, always knowing which hardware and what setup would be optimum.

He was also a great sailor. We raced together on numerous boats, but mostly on Rhumb Line.

I'll never forget coming back from Flattery under spinnaker, doing 14 knots at 2:00 AM surfing down waves only to slow down to 6 when stuffing the bow under the next one. The J struggled each time to lift the bow up, pushing the green water off the foredeck. Then it would climb up over the next wave and hit 14 or 15 again crashing down the other side. This pattern was repeated for several hours. Ian drove really well in these treacherous conditions, keeping the boat under the spinnaker all the way to Race Rocks. The boat held it's rig together because Ian had made sure everything was up to date.

He was always a calm guy. For a while, Ian's nickname was "Hey Now". This name came from a Bowen Island post-race dock party, where some of the girls had found water guns. Tamara turned one on Ian and, instead of running, flinching or grabbing the watergun, he slowly turned toward her as she was spraying him and calmly said "Hey now, don't do that".

From hanging out at Pete's in Oak Harbor during WIRW to sitting in a hot tub, cheering as others finished the Round Saltspring race, it was always a good time when Ian was around.

Most importantly Ian was a great guy. A real quality guy. One of the good people. It's sad when we lose anybody, but it's doubly sad when it's one of the good people. It just seems unfair.

My thoughts go out to Tamara and Sam. I'm sorry I won't be able to come tomorrow. I will wear something red and have a rum in Ian's honour.
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